Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Planning for London and Ireland

I am leaving for London on Sunday, so you can only imagine what ideas are flying all in my head right now. The city is huge and I have six long weeks to explore every nook and cranny. So I've been pretty busy preparing for my trip!

-My sister had two guidebooks from when she went to London a few years ago, so I've been flipping through them and imagining all of the places I go. I think I'm most excited for the bookstores in London!

-Hopefully I can make it over to Ireland one weekend as well. My sister also had this Ireland book, so I can't wait to look in it and see what I could spend a weekend viewing there. I hope it's as beautiful as the pictures are!

-Lots of lists are being made because that's how I plan my life. Haha, so I make sure I have my cute little London notebook with me at all times in case I think of something else I want to pack or look up before I leave. 

-I would love to go to Paris as well! My brother got me this keychain when he went to Paris many years ago and I've always dreamed of going there myself. I would love to take a weekend to explore my favorite city!

-I am making sure all of my electronics are up and ready to go by Sunday. I am going to be sure to take loads of pictures so be prepared when the six weeks are up to be bombarded with pictures of my European adventure :)

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