Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday's Favorites

Holy cow, is it Friday already? That means I only have seven days left in London before it's back to the States for me! It's so bittersweet thinking about it because while I'm going to be so happy to go home, I'm going to miss this amazing city. I just have to make sure my last week here is one to remember forever and go out with a bang :) Hope you all enjoy your weekends! 

1) I love these state posters with the heart over your city. I'd love to make one for my own apartment one day. 

2) I really love these two 3D phone cases. They're so fun!

3) Awwww these penguins are so gosh darn cute!

4) This heart pie is SO COOL. I definitely have to try out making my own sometime. 

5) I love these sunglasses. Like a lot. 

6) Hehe, this print could not be more true. 

7) Look! Star Wars bathing suits! How cool is that?

8) Yet another awesome Harry Potter cake! Maybe someday I'll finally make one of my own...

9) Mmmm I've been craving a nice, big bowl of fries for some reason. These make my mouth water!

10) Look at the pretty truffles! Any food that is as fun colored as these has my name written all over it :)

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