Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Notting Hill (Is this real life?)

I'm not sure if you all know, but Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies of all time. Since I'm living so close to where the movie was filmed, I knew I had to visit the town where Hugh Grant once was. On Saturday, I finally had the chance to visit and check out Notting Hill and its Portobello Market!

Notting Hill was insanely packed with people for the market and it went on for what seemed like miles. The houses leading up to the market were so pretty and colorful. I could just imagine living in a bright pink house with pretty flowers on the window sill...but back to the market! There were so many antique shops/booths set up in the beginning and everything was so pretty! Some things were still pretty expensive, so I didn't end up buying anything to take home. I did, however, find some very delicious treats while I was there! I had both a creme filled chocolate donut and a carrot cake cupcake from the same booth and they were absolutely delicious. I've learned that the best way to go at markets is to just skip lunch and go straight for the dessert :)

Since Notting Hill was filmed in Notting Hill, I wanted to check out some of the iconic places from the movie. I found what had once been the travel bookshop that Hugh Grant's character worked at in the movie. Now, it's a shoe store called Notting Hill and the sign looks just like the sign on the movie poster! That's so cute! But the staff was not at all happy when I tried to take a picture inside. They yelled at me and made me leave the store. Guess I should have asked first. I was just so excited I completely forgot!

I also had my picture taken in front of the official Notting Hill Bookshop. The lady at the marshmallow square booth (which were delicious) told me that most people think that's the book shop Hugh Grant worked at for the movie, but they're wrong! It's what's now the shoe store and she was totally impressed that I knew that little fact. I do know my Hugh Grant history :)

The market was so much fun and the environment was absolutely crazy. People were everywhere, shops and booths filled the streets, and there were musicians and street performers lining the sidewalk. I even found Charlie Chaplin! I guess you never know what you're going to find at markets...Needless to say it was a great trip and I ended up spending over three hours at the Portobello Market. I'm so happy that I've officially been where one of my favorite movies was filmed. Yet another fantastic and successful day here in England :)

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