Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chinatown and Yummy Buns

Chinatown has officially become one of my favorite places in London. I've gone there for lunch the past two days in a row and I had to restrain myself from not going back again today. What I love most there are the bakeries and their insanely inexpensive buns! 

For only around 1 pound each, I have tried different types of buns and they are all (well, almost all) so insanely delicious. My favorites would have to be the BBQ pork bun and the custard bun. I've had each of them twice and my mouth waters just thinking about them. The buns themselves are super sweet, so when you get to the savory middle of the pork bun or the even sweeter part of the custard bun, you're already in heaven. Mmm I could definitely eat them for the rest of the time I'm here!

As for the red bean bun, I had no idea what to expect. Red bean pastries are everywhere in Chinatown and I knew I just had to try one. So I picked out a red bean bun. In the beginning, it was pretty good with the sweet bun evening out the red bean part. But when I got to the red bean center, the flavor was just too much and I couldn't finish. So maybe red bean pastries just aren't for me. That's okay, I think I'll be perfectly happy with the pork and custard buns :)

And I finally tried bubble tea! I decided to go with cold Strawberry milk tea with tapioca pearls and I'm still not sure what I think. The Strawberry milk tea was actually really good, but the pearls were just chewy little balls with no real flavor. I guess you can ask for flavored pearls at some shops, so maybe I'll try that next time. The chewy nothingness of the tea I got, though, had me feeling odd. Hopefully my next bubble tea is better!

Not only does Chinatown have delicious food, but there are so many opportunities for adventures in food. I would love to try out even more of what they have to offer, including their creme buns, dim sum, and maybe even some duck. I have to go back soon because the endless possibilities and anticipation are killing me!

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