Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Luck (and Charm) of the Irish

After posting about my trip along the country of Ireland, I thought it'd be fun to share my day in the city of Dublin! Right when we got off the bus from the airport, we started out our sightseeing and visited Trinity College. It's a beautiful building right in the city, and it was fun to be able to walk around the grounds. Then, we checked out Dublin castle, which ended up being right down the street from the college. Sadly, the castle was closed so we couldn't go inside, but we visited the gardens around the back and spent some time there soaking up some sunlight.

The best part of Dublin, though, was definitely the food! We had dinner at a pub in Temple Bar called Farrington's (named after a character in James Joyce's The Dubliners) and I had the steak pie, which was so warm and delicious. Nothing like some real authentic Irish food to make my stomach feel happy :) For dessert, we found a crepe shop called Half Moon Crepes and Coffee and got a free sample of the chocolate crepe (aka nutella crepe) as we were walking by. One taste and we knew we just had to get a crepe of our own. So my friend and I ordered the marshmallow crepe to share, which has nutella, marshmallow, and vanilla ice cream, and proceeded to eat the best crepe I've ever had. I'd say Dublin was definitely a winner on the food front.

For the rest of the day, we wandered around the city, walking in and out of shops and through miscellaneous markets. One of the bridges was semi-covered in locks like the famous lock bridge in Paris, which I thought was adorable. I wish I had thought to bring a lock of my own to leave my own mark on Dublin! The city was really fun and the street musicians/pub musicians were so talented. And apparently Dubliners love the song "Wonderwall" because we heard it FOUR times by four completely different artists. Haha, it is a catchy song! But overall, the city was fun and exploring the food and life of Dublin is an experience I most certainly will never forget.

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