Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day (1996)

Every July 4th, my family and I have one tradition we never ever break: Watch Independence Day. I have seen this movie so many times that I've lost count. What better way to celebrate America's day of Independence than with some Will Smith and alien invasions? 

Thought to at first be meteors, an alien invasion has begun on Earth. With the aliens all but obliterating major cities around the world, the human survivors are determined to find a way to save their planet. After the aliens'  initial attacks, the humans set off towards Area 51, a place the government has been testing on the aliens they've managed to capture. July 4th becomes the day where people from all walks of life come together and fight the aliens for their independence. 

This movie is just too cool. It takes the cliche alien invasion storyline and creates an iconic movie that has stayed in my heart for almost as long as I've been alive. I love how there are so many characters that are well developed throughout this movie so that you really end up caring for all of them. You have David, the ex-scientist, with his wife who he's been having relationship problems with (who also just so happens to be Eleanor Waldorf from Gossip Girl). Then, you have Steven (Will Smith), who is in the marines and isn't sure if he wants to marry his girlfriend who's a stripper and has the most adorable son and dog ever. Oh, and then there's the president, who's just awesome. If Bill Pullman ever ran for President, he'd definitely have my vote! All of the characters had interesting, complex story lines that helped create such a heart-pumping movie. 

While this is definitely a serious movie where people die and others give some gut-wrenching speeches, I love the funny moments thrown in to lighten things up. Will Smith is hilarious and I love the kick-butt attitude he brings to every role he plays in his movies. Sure, there are aliens that are threatening to kill off the characters we've grow to love throughout the movie, but you have such faith in the characters and expect that everything will eventually be all right. You don't know how, but you know that the American heroes in this movie are going to do everything they can for our beloved Independence. You just can't go wrong with a Fourth of July classic like Independence Day!

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