Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Books and Fishing Trips

How is July already almost half way over? Seriously? It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating the Fourth of July and now it's already the 17th? Wow. I've been spending my days working, working, and, oh, working some more. Haha, at least I'm making some money! When I'm not working, I'm running every morning and reading outside with my sister and puppy. I've received and read some pretty awesome books lately. Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite authors, so I was beyond excited for the chance to review her latest release. Summer is the best time for reading, so I've been sure to get through as many books as I can!

A couple of weeks ago, my family surprised my mom with a fishing trip and it was one of the best mornings of summer so far. We spent around 4 hours fishing where we used to go all the time when we were little. By the end of the trip, I had caught the most fish out of everyone in my family, which I was definitely proud of! The trip brought back so many good memories and now I can't wait until the next time we can go out and enjoy some quiet time fishing as a family. 

My sister also received her second Ipsy bag and it was fun! I loved the pink bag with scalloped edges, as well as the lip crayon and eye shadow. However, we definitely didn't need the bronzer and tanning oil. I laughed when we saw the bronzer because my sister has such fair skin and she made sure to mention that on her Ipsy survey, yet they keep on sending products for more dark skinned people. Oh, well! It's still fun to get a surprise every month. A little brightness in the nice, relaxed month of July. 

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