Thursday, July 10, 2014

Must Haves: Ready for the Beach

With my vacation to Surfside Beach quickly approaching (only two more weeks!), I have been thinking nonstop about what I'm going to bring with me. Whenever my family goes to the beach for the week, which we've been doing for the past four years, we always spend almost all day, everyday just lying on the beach. While we do rent a condo on the beach, I hate having to constantly go in and out because I forgot stuff. That being said, I have to make sure I pack all of my essentials before heading out for a long, gorgeous day on the sand. 

A towel and sunglasses are definitely a must, but I've learned that little things like a headband and a cosmetic bag to hold the little things like lip balm, lotion, and hair ties is a must. The beach is hot, which means that I'm bound to start sweating about 20 minutes in to laying out in the sun. A headband helps keeping my sweaty, sticky hair out of my fave while I try to work on my tan. I also love finding fun tanks to wear over my bathing suit. They're comfortable enough to wear if I'm in the shade and always brighten up my outfit. Lastly, you'll always find a book in my beach bag. I read at least a book a day over vacation, so a book or my Nook is always in my hand while I'm on the beach. This year, I'm definitely digging into Colleen Hoover's newest book. Mmmmm I can smell the salt and sunscreen already! 

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