Friday, September 12, 2014

Ten Things Making Me Happy

I absolutely love Rosie's blog Cider WIth Rosie and adore her lists of ten things that have made her happy during the past week. Making a list of ten things is such a simple thing, but it can really make you appreciate life so much more. It's those little moments that always make me smile. So, here's what's made me happy this week…

1. Finding my favorite fall candy at Kroger, especially the white chocolate candy corn M&Ms. I may have eaten half the bag within 5 minutes of getting home... 

2. Joining running club. Wow, running with a bunch of actual runners seriously kicks my booty. We run at a steady 8 mile pace and on our last run, which ended up being 5.6 miles, we ran the last mile in 7:30. I'm definitely going to be in fantastic shape by the end of the semester. 

3. Staying up reading well into the night. I've been making an effort to not fall asleep while reading and it's finally working! I've managed to stay up until midnight for the past two nights and have made good progress on my TBR pile. 

4. The drop in temperature. Finally, no more sweating while walking to class. I absolutely love how the temperature has been in the 60s lately. Fall has definitely arrived. 

5. Buying an anniversary card for my parents and writing them a cute little note to let them know that I love them and miss them. I can't wait for them to get it on Wednesday!

6. Chatting on the phone with my sister on my way home from classes. 

7. Visiting the local library and browsing through the shelves, picking up anything that catches my eye. I walked out of the library with 5 books today, which definitely shouldn't have happened since I have so much to read. But they all looked so good and I just couldn't resist. 

8. Still obsessing over how I got to meet some of my favorite authors last week. 

9. Slowly making progress on the granny square blanket for my sister. Each square just gets prettier and prettier. 

10. Waking up early Saturday mornings to run 6 miles through the sleepy town of Oxford. 

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