Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I Wore: Flower Power

Dress- Forever21 | Sweater- Forever21 | Shoes- Modcloth | Watch-Macy's

Looking through all of my dresses, I realized that I have a lot of florals. I think that when I see a floral dress, I love how many colors are in the pattern and can imagine matching that dress with so many different kinds of sweaters. Obviously, I just have to buy it! I wore this dress for my 21st birthday with a jean button-up shirt and I already pulled it out again to pair with my pink sweater. I love how the sweater makes the pink of the dress pop more. Oh, and I definitely can't forget about the shoes! I got them from Modcloth and they are amazing. Seriously, they fit like a glove and are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I'm obsessed! I'm so sad, though, that they're not available anymore because I would definitely buy these shoes in every color possible. They're just perfect!

I know I talk about the weather in almost every one of my posts, but it's been crazy lately! The temperature has dropped a good 10 degrees since last week and now it's constantly in the 60s, if not the 50s. I wore this dress out when I had class at 11:30 am and it was just the perfect amount of layers to feel comfortable. I had class until 6:30 pm and then I had book club from 7pm (which was super fun because we read Jane Eyre and gushed about it for a solid hour). By the time I was walking home at 8 pm, the temperature had dropped a good 15 degrees and I was freezing! I guess that's Ohio for you...

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