Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Things Making Me Happy

I know that it's only Tuesday, but I've already been having a pretty great week! I think it's because I get to finally go home for a weekend visit on Thursday, but it feels like this week is just flying by. Homework for my classes hasn't been too bad and attending running club and knitting club always puts me in a good mood. Here's what else has been making me happy this week...

1. Finishing the Panerathon 10k in exactly 47 minutes. I ran 6 miles every weekend for about a month to train for the race and set a goal of 50 minutes. I dominated my goal and ran an average of a 7:30 minute mile, coming second in my age group. The free Panera afterwards didn't hurt either.

2. Finally being able to read Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I read Beautiful Disaster over the summer and devoured it in one day because I loved it so much. After meeting Jamie a couple of weeks ago and buying the second book in the series, I am so excited that I finally have time to sit down and read the story from Travis's point of view.

3. Having only three more days until I go home. I haven't been home in about 5 weeks now, so I'm definitely missing my parents, sister, and puppy. I can't wait to spend the weekend with my sister and Rosie (my parents are going out of town…awful timing, I know) and just relax and forget about school for a bit.

4. Making packing lists. I've had to make so many lists lately and they are so handy when I need to pack for anything so that I know I'm not forgetting anything.

5. Watching the Wedding episode of Outlander. Talk about steamy!

6. Receiving book mail that I've been waiting on for weeks. Isla and the Happily Ever After arrived in the mail yesterday and it definitely made my day.

7. Unwinding at knitting club. Some really great people joined my knitting club this semester and I always look forward to spending an hour with them and my latest knitting project every Tuesday night.

8. Getting ahead on homework. Since I'm going home this weekend, I want more time to spend with my sister and less time to spend on homework, so I'm getting most of my assignments done early and it feels so good to have that off my back.

9. Having class canceled so that I could go to running club. My evening class yesterday was canceled because my professor was out of town, so I was able to go to running club and see some of my new friends, which I am only able to normally do on Thursdays and Fridays.

10. Less than 100 days until Christmas. Time to start knitting up those Christmas presents!

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