Thursday, September 4, 2014

What I Wore: Pineapples and Kitties

Dress- Delia's | Sweater- Delia's | Shoes- Delia's | Watch- Macy's

Hmm, looks like I like Delia's…a lot! I didn't even notice that basically my entire outfit was from Delia's until just now. I didn't buy all of these pieces at the same time, but they sure do go together. My mom says that when I actually start teaching, I'll be wearing the same outfits as my students because I still shop at Forever 21 and Delia's like I did when I was in high school, but I can't help it! They have such cute clothes that I am in love with, so who am I to say no to my style just because a wide range of people shop there? 

And can I please obsess some more over those cat flats? I've wanted a pair for forever, but was never willing to spend a bunch of money on them. They finally went on clearance and I got them during another special sale at Delia's for about $7. You could say I was excited to finally own them. I got my regular size, but unfortunately they ended up fitting about a half a size too big. I just wore some flat socks with them and stuffed each toe with a tissue. Surprisingly, they fit pretty well and were very comfortable to walk to and from class in.

A lot of new clubs have been starting up this week, so I have been busier than ever! Now, I have a meeting every single night Monday-Thursday, so this semester is definitely going to keep me busy. Since I'm student teaching next semester, though, it's basically my last semester as a college student taking college classes. While I'm very excited to finally graduate in the Spring, that means I'm finally going to have to go out into the real world and work a real job. Can't I just stay a student forever?

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