Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Instagram] I Gotta Go Back..

Is it just me, or does everyone want to start singing "Back to School" from Grease 2 every time they head back to school? No? Well too bad I sang it to my sister every time she even mentioned school to me in August. But seriously, back to school time is here and I've survived my first week as a college senior! Not much as changed since junior year except for I have a killer turquoise room and some new fun classes to do a copious amounts of homework for…

Of course, I had to take the first day of school picture on my last first day of school as a student. I forgot how hot August was when I have to walk to and from class everyday…Maybe that's why I spent almost all of the Labor Day weekend cooped up in my room watching and finish up Gossip Girl. I had about 17 episodes left of the series starting Friday and finished up the last three yesterday. I've been working my way through that series for months now and I'm so sad it's over. What do I watch next?

Last weekend, I made sure to stop by the local library and it was so nice to be back there. It's so much smaller than my public library at home, but the small size makes it feel so cozy. At the library I picked up some movies to watch this weekend when I wasn't watching Gossip Girl. I only managed to get through Rebel Without a Cause and An American In Paris, but I hope I can find sometime this week to squeeze in a couple more of them. Hopefully I don't have too much homework! 

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