Monday, September 15, 2014

Craft Corner: Apfel Strudel Cowl

That's right, I crocheted something other than a blanket and it actually didn't turn out awful. I've always had a problem with crocheting and turning at the end of the chain. My row typically turns out all wonky and I never have the same amount of stitches in the end as I did in the beginning. I finally sat down on Youtube and watched a couple of tutorials on turning and it's actually not that hard! I struggled a bit for the first couple of rows of this cowl, but my friend helped me through it and I ended up flying through this project while catching up on the latest episodes of Outlander. 

Apfel Strudel Cowl 
Found on Ravelry

1 skein yarn
size J (6.00 mm) hook
tapestry needle

Chain 35
Chain four (counts as first triple crochet stitch)
Work triple crochet in each stitch until piece is at desire length
Fasten off, sew seems together, and weave in ends 

This was probably one of the easiest cowls I've ever made once I got the hang of crocheting in a line. The original pattern from Raincloud & Sage says to use treble crochet, which I hadn't used before. When I googled it, some sources said it was a US double crochet while others said it was a US triple crochet. Based off of what her picture looked like, I decided to do a US triple crochet and think it was the right choice. Also, she used a larger hook (size 7mm), but I only had a 6mm, so that's the one I used. Feel free to use a bigger hook if you want a bigger stitch! 

I can't wait to wear my new scarf as the temperature starts to drop into the Fall weather. It's my first scarf of the Fall season, but it definitely won't be my last! 

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