Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cap City Half Marathon 2014

I ran my second ever half marathon this morning and it was an absolute blast! Oh my gosh, I was so nervous going into it. I have been training so hard for the past 5 months and was determined to finish under 2 hours. I ran my first half marathon two years ago and finished just over 2 hours. Since I've become a pretty serious runner since then, I knew I could beat that time. Little did I know, I would blow that time out of the water…

I ran the half marathon with my sister, mom, brother, and brother's fiancĂ© (Yes, my sister and I are matching. What can I say, we're twins! It's in our nature!). We all ran separately, but we've been cheering each other on as we've trained for the past five months. Then, when I was there, I saw a ton of people I knew from the Columbus area, which made running so much more fun. Like always, though, I was about ready to keel over around mile 11. It didn't help that the course proceeded to have a steady incline for the next mile and a half. But I did it! And my total time was….1:45! That's right! I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Did that really happen? Is this real life? Haha, I am so proud of myself for going way faster than my goal time and dominating that race! 

It was crazy how many people ran the race. There were over 8,000 of us and it was great being a part of something with so many people. We were all running and pushing ourselves way past our limits, and it was really inspiring. No matter how tired I was, I knew I couldn't stop with all of these people running right along with me. While I absolutely hated myself for putting my body through that as I was running, it was so rewarding in the end. Running has made me such a healthier person and I couldn't imagine my life without out it now. I can't wait to run my next half marathon! 

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