Monday, May 12, 2014

[Instagram] Life Lately

-All of my Easter candy is officially gone! I saved my delicious chocolate monkey from Anthony Thomas for last.
-I made some caramel apple cupcakes for my very last film studies film viewing and they were so good. Who knew Pillsbury boxed cupcake mix and frosting could be so good? They really tasted like caramel apples!
-My mom made me the cutest little quilt of a cat sleeping on quilts. I hung it up in my room ASAP.
-Spring means the most beautiful flowers have bloomed all over campus. I get to walk past these beauties everyday. Moments like those remind me why I love Miami.

-So many books waiting for me at home, as always. I'm so excited because I got some books by some of my favorite authors! I can't wait to dig into those.
-Three Words: Frappuccino Happy Hour.
-My dad got me, my sister, and my mom awesome Disney workout shirts from Active Apparel and I am obsessed with my Mulan shirt. I wore it to my last day of classes and it was a hit!
-As always, this little cutie was excited to see me when I came home. I can't wait to spend the entire summer with her once exams are finally over on Tuesday! I can't wait :)

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