Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Confidence Project #1- Wear Bright Tights

That's right! I finally wore a pair of bright tights to class for the first time ever! I've had these tights since the summer, but I've always been a little afraid to wear them. What would people think of me? Would they make me look like a 5-year-old? But they're so cute, so I decided to make wearing them a task for The Confidence Project and I actually did it! 

I wore them on Wednesday, which I spent out of my room from 9 am all the way until 6:30 pm, so tons of people saw me and my bright tights! I actually felt so good while wearing them because they're so bright and fun! Who wouldn't feel happy wearing so much color? I'm so happy I decided to do this task first because it wasn't hard at all! Now, I want to go out and buy tights in all different types of colors because they make the outfit much cuter and then I can wear skirts in the cold weather! Yay!

So overall, my first task in The Confidence Project was definitely a success! I have no idea which task I'm going to attempt next, but hopefully it goes as smoothly as this one! This project has already made me feel more confident in myself and I can't wait to see where else it can take me :)


  1. I love wearing bright color tights... only since I work in an office I always feel like a bit odd... oh well. Lovely color :)

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I love the idea of your Confidence Project! Would you consider to turn it into a link-up thing?

    Love, Qaroline


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