Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret Santas and Slytherin Scarves

The Christmas season is among us and I am absolutely loving it! I have been Christmas shopping like crazy and I've been obsessed with finding the perfect gifts for everyone in my life. Oh, and for the two secret santas I'm a part of! Secret santas are my favorite, so I decided to plan one for my Quidditch team and for the Knotty Knitters club. Tonight is our Christmas Party for Quidditch, so we get to exchange gifts! I'm so beyond excited for it! Here's what I've been up to getting ready for it :)

1) I made a Slytherin Scarf for the person who's name I pulled! I'm so excited because it turned out so much better than I had hoped! Now I want to make one for myself too! Haha, that pretty much always happens when I knit something for someone else...

2) I also got a Harry Potter trivia game for only $2 at Goodwill as part of the gift as well! It made me so happy when I found it because it's the absolute perfect thing to give a person who plays Quidditch. And I was still able to stay under the $10 limit! 

3) Love, Actually is by far one of the best Christmas movies ever and I'm bringing it to the party tonight in hopes that everyone will want to watch it! It's one that not a lot of people have seen, so I can't wait to see what they think about it!

4) I painted my nails green and red sparkles to celebrate the season! I can't stop looking at my nails :)

5) I also made a cake! Since I don't have eggs or oil, I actually used Diet Sprite and it worked out perfectly! Then, I used the Dunken Hines Strawberry flavor in the icing to make a strawberry iced vanilla cake! The icing tastes SO yummy and I'm pretty sure I ate at least half of it before it went on the cake. Haha, that tends to happen when I bake! I hope they all like my cake too! 

And that's how I get ready for a Quidditch Christmas party! It's my first Christmas party of the year and I'm beyond excited to start of the season right. Hopefully it turns out as fantastic as I think it's going to! Happy Christmas :)

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  1. Love your blog! My sister is at Miami, too, so it is fun to read about things that go on there...and I am the product of a Miami merger...but I went to OSU. Anyway, who would've thought to use Diet Sprite in a cake instead of eggs and oil? I may have to try that! How much Diet Sprite did you use in the recipe, and how did the texture compare to using eggs and oil?


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