Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why, Hello November!

Oh my goodness, did I just say hello to November? Where did the time go?? Haha, it seems like months just fly by! October was a fantastic month and I would say pretty successful here on the blog! But now that it has come and gone, I'm so excited to see what November has in store for us! Who am I kidding, I just want some Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday shopping! But that's not until the end of the here are some goals I've set to complete during the time in between then :)

-Complete the Chevron Afghan that the fabulous Elycia share on her blog
-Plan my Christmas gifts for this year
-Start a sponsorship program? 
-Watch movies from my 100 Movies List
-Read at least two books from my 100 Classics List
-Try to keep up my good grades in my classes
-Make more warm cowls/scarves for the winter weather
-Work on my Confidence Project tasks
-Finish more projects for charity for my knitting club
-Stay warm and dry by drinking lots of tea
-Enjoy the holidays with my wonderful family 
-Keep up with my review reading list for Peace Love Books
-Stay inspired! 
-Run 5 times a week, even though it's freezing outside

Hopefully I can keep these goals in mind this month and accomplish every single one of them! The month is starting off on a super cold note, but that just means more chances to wear some cozy sweaters and fuzzy cowls! And November means the holiday season is moving in, which is the most wonderful time of the year :) So here's to a fantastic month ahead and a successfully completed list of goals! 

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