Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Modcloth Wish List


It's no secret that I absolutely love Modcloth. I mean, seriously love Modcloth. I'm on there almost every day longingly looking at their adorable merchandise. They have everything from bags and dresses to mugs and notebooks. And I want it all! But, since I obviously can't afford to have it all, I thought I'd at least share some of my favorite pieces with you guys! 

That little "Add to Wishlist" button on Modcloth is SO easy to push that my Wish List is so long now! Haha, but it's a great way to keep track of all of the cute things I find on there. My absolute favorite items are the ones with cats or foxes on them, like the sweater and mug I have above. They're probably the cutest animals on this earth, so any clothing or kitchen item that has them on it is definitely for me!

And you know the best part about creating a Modcloth Wish List? Christmas is slowly coming up! So a couple of these things may just end up on my Christmas List for Santa...I swear I've been good this year, so hopefully some of these things will appear under the tree come December :)

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