Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Christmas is seriously my favorite time of the year. Between the presents, food, and family, there's really nowhere to go wrong! Not to mention it's winter break then, which means NO CLASSES OR HOMEWORK! Which I'm really looking forward to as all this work is piling up at the end of the semester. But you want to know the best part of Christmas? The movies of course! So I decided to put together a list of my top 10 Christmas movies that I make sure to watch (multiple times) throughout the holiday season :)

1. Die Hard This movie is by far the best Christmas movie ever. It takes place on Christmas day and Bruce Willis is a serious beast. We watch this movie every year we put up the tree and it never gets old. 

2. Love, Actually This is definitely a close second to the best Christmas movies ever. I absolutely love every single storyline in this movie and the fact that it's British doesn't hurt either ;) 

3. White Christmas This is a Christmas classic that is a must to watch every year! Me and my sister love to belt out the "Sisters" song every time it plays :)

4. Elf You'd think I'd be tired of this movie by now based on how many times I've seen it (which is a lot) but it never gets old! This one is by far the funniest Christmas movie and will be forever quotable you cotton-headed ninnymuggins! Haha, just kidding...

5. Jingle All the Way This is my mom's favorite Christmas movie, so I've grown up with it. This one is so cute and will forever have a special place in my heart :)

6. The Holiday This is another one of my mom's favorites and I can definitely see why! Not only does it have Jude Law (can you say yummm??) but how they switch places is so adorable! 

7. Holiday in Handcuffs I know this is a cheesy ABC Family movie, but it's SO GOOD! I love how crazy she is and how Mario Lopez is just kidnapped for Christmas. Seriously it's such a good movie! 

8. While You Were Sleeping I love old romances, and Sandra Bullock sure knows how to make them! This one is super cute, especially when she goes over to her "fiancĂ©'s" house for Christmas. 

9. The Grinch I used to hate this movie, but it's grown on me over the years. I love the whole town they live in and it's just a cute reminder of why I love Christmas! 

10. Bridget Jones's Diary While this isn't really a Christmas movie, it does begin and end at Christmas, so it counts. But that's why it's #10 and not higher up on the list. This movie is probably one of my favorite movies ever because I can't get enough of the British charm! And any movie with Colin Firth is a must for me :) 

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  1. Great list! I particularly love watching Bridget Jones, Love Actually and The Holiday in kind of a marathon session. It's best when you're all snuggled on the couch in your pjs all day. Or maybe that's just me? x


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