Friday, May 16, 2014

May Wishlist

As a college student, May means that it's finally summer! And I have had my eye on a ton of things that I'd love to celebrate summer with. First on the list? Keds! For work, I have to wear closed-toe shoes and Keds are my go to footwear. They're so cute and comfortable! And I am absolutely in love with Taylor Swift''s collection. They're so colorful and perfect for summer. I already own a pair of turquoise polkadot Keds, but I'd love to add more to my collection. 

As you can tell, I absolutely love florals and light pink. I saw the floral cross body bag at JC Penny's and fell in love! Unfortunately, it was pretty much the only brand of purse not on sale that day, so I decided to wait and see if it goes on sale before I give in and finally buy it. Isn't it just perfect for summer? 

As always, a coupe of Modcloth dresses made it onto my list. Hopefully, if I save up money this summer, I won't feel as bad splurging on a dress. I don't think I've spent more than $30 on a dress before, but if I end up splurging on a dress then it's definitely going to be on a Modcloth dress! They're just too pretty not to want. The hardest part would be trying to decide which one dress I would pick out of all of the beautiful dresses that I'm in love with. Decisions, decisions….

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