Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craft Corner // Knitted Coffee Cuff

I have a ton of left over yarn from different projects and was searching Ravelry for something fun to do with it. I can across this adorable cabled coffee cuff and decided to try it out! The directions were easy enough (especially since it was free! Yay for free patterns on Ravelry!) and I whipped it up in a little over two hours. I would have taken me less time, but I kept on having to add cabled rows because the pattern only told you to do three extra ones, which made it come out way too short to fit around  cup. So if you decide to do this one, make sure to add at least two more cabled rows if you want this to fit around a cup! Other than that, it's perfect!

I added a cute little star button and I can't get over how adorable this is! There are two button holes for whatever size cup you need to use it for! What do you guys think? I'm definitely making more of these and using them instead of the cardboard ones every time I get some Starbucks! Who knew it was so easy to look cute while saving the environment? 

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