Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Andddd it's Friday! And I don't work until 12 today, so I'm a pretty happy girl :) Here are some others things that are making me happy this beautiful morning!

1) I love this quote and how it looks on this print. I want it so bad!!

2) Ahhh these are my favorite pokemon! I definitely need to learn how to make these!

3) Game of Thrones is the BEST tv show ever! And I'm so sad this season's over :(

4) Isn't this so cute? Perfect for summer!

5) I love the hot pink skirt with the nails and gold glitter purse. It goes so well together!

6) Isn't this stamp awesome?? 

7) I'm so obsessed with lace right now and I absolutely love this dress. The back cutout is so pretty!

8) True story :)

9) Mmmmmmm Channing Tatum :) I'm so seeing Magic Mike when it comes out!

10) This is so cool! I love how they made these books so pretty! Oh, and the books are pretty awesome too :)

And that's what I'm loving this Friday! Hope everyone has a great day :)

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