Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Favorites

So I just realized it's Friday. At 8:58 pm. Yeah, I know. EPIC FAIL. Working 5 days a week (including weekends) makes me lose complete track of the days. So I'm a little late posting my favorites for this Friday, but I am determined to get them up today! So here is what I have been loving this past week :)

1) Baahaha I feel this way every time I get my picture taken...

2) This is such a cute sweatshirt! I've got to find me one before the new movies comes out :)

3) This is such an adorable idea! Great way to make picture books look cute. 

4) I love watermelons, so these shoes would be perfect for me!

5) I've been dying to buy some new tights for when the weather cools and these look so cute! I would love a pair for myself!

6) Legwarmers have been on my to-knit list for so long. Hopefully I can get a pair done by the time fall rolls around!

7) Aren't these some of the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen??

8) Summer means it's time to make even more friendship bracelets! 

9) I LOVE this song by Ed Sheeran. I heard it for the first time last November and now it's becoming happy people found the beauty in it too!

10) I would love to have this tree at home. The purple lights are so pretty!

And that's all that's been going on with me this Friday! Hopefully I can actually pay attention to the days of the week this week, haha. In the meantime, hope you all have a great weekend! 

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