Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!! And you know what??? I get the day off today! So it's actually Friday for me! I think it's the first Friday off I've had in over four weeks, so I'm kinda excited :) Here's what else has been making this Friday super amazing for me!

1) Mmmmm chocolate moustaches?? I don't know if I'd want to eat these because they're so freaking adorable. Well, okay I probably would eat them. I mean, it's chocolate...

2) Ahhh another yummy desert. I LOVE cookie dough, so what's better than cookie dough pizza? 

3) This is so cool!! I saw these before, but not made out of super bright paper. What a great idea! I have so got to try this sometime. 

4) Bahaha pretty much how I feel about life. And New Girl is like the best show ever :)

5) I seriously want to go here and buy pretty much every single pair of these shorts. With this weather (it was 102 degrees yesterday) I need more cute shorts to wear! 

6) Haha isn't this so funny? Facebook shower curtain! 

7) Doesn't this just scream summer? I love the color and the anchor! So cute!

8) These colors are so cute! And those portraits on the wall are adorable. It proves dogs really are part of the family :)

9) haha, first time I saw this I thought they were rocks. But they're pillows! How cool is that??

10) Magic Mike came out today!!!! Hopefully I can see it sometime this week because it looks SO FREAKING GOOD. 

And that's all from me this Friday! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend :)

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