Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obsession // Modcloth

So I've got another obsession to share with you guys. Modcloth. Seriously, I cannot get enough of their store. I wish I could buy every single thing from them, but sadly I'm a poor college student who can't buy that much, no matter how pretty it is! But I thought I'd share with you my favorite pieces! 

These glasses are only $11.99. I may just have to buy these :)

This dress is so cute and it has tiny eiffel towers all over it! Isn't it adorable? Too bad it's $129.99....that's a little out of my price range!

I absolutely love the collar on this dress! And the color is so pretty! It's only $47.99, so I may just have to consider this one! 

I freaking love this purse. The color is gorgeous and the style is even cuter! And it's $78.99. Totally worth every penny!

Talk about perfect for summer. This Citrus Dress is $49.99 and the colors are so much fun! I want, I want!!

These flats are so adorable! And the color is so refreshing and the bow is so cute! For $32.99, these flats definitely need to find a spot in my closet! 

Okay, now I really have to stop looking or else I'll start drooling. I hope you guys enjoyed my favorites from Modcloth. Have any of you actually bought something from there? I'd love to hear what you've purchased! Or at least what's on your wish list! 

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  1. Hi Jessica, I am running a new blog featuring Modcloth items for less money from other retailers...for poor college students like you and me.

    Check it out here:


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