Monday, June 4, 2012

In My Knitting Bag

I love knitting and crocheting, so I thought I'd share with you all what I carry in my knitting bag! 

1) I use a Vera Bradley bag as my primary knitting bag. I love the owl pattern so much and it's roomy enough to fit everything I need

2) Just a couple of needles I keep in my bag. This isn't all I have, but these are in case I want to start a new project

3) My bag full of little knitting supplies

4) My yarn! These are the colors I'm using to make my Granny Square Afghan

5) I use one of the free makeup bags I got to hold all of my knitting supplies

6) My crochet hooks

7) I use a little Very Bradley pouch to hold my stitch markers that I made

8) My mom got me a tin supply kit from The Sexy Knitter. It includes a measuring tape, needles, a tiny pair of scissors, stitch holders, star stitch markers, cable needle, and double ended crochet hook. It's so nifty and has everything I would ever need. If you're a knitter, I would seriously recommend getting one of these!

9) A peppermint measuring tape. Not sure where my mom got it, but I love it! 

10) Tapestry needles

11) Snitch stitch markers! They'e SO cute and my mom got them for me from Etsy

12) Some double pointed needles

13) More stitch holders for any projects I want to put away for a little bit

14) Pens! I always need to write down what row I'm on or else I get so confused and need to start all over again. Not fun! 

And that's all in my bag! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of my knitting life. What's a must have in your knitting bags? I'd love to hear! 

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  1. Very cute post! I loved seeing inside your knitting bag! You have great taste in colors! I use a plastic stackable container to fit all my sewing essentials...I may have to do a post on it someday. Thank you for the great idea!


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