Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Do List: #36

#36: Send a Postcard

I finally did it! After work on Sunday, I bought a postcard for 79 cents! I sat down and wrote a short, sweet note to my friend from Minnesota (who's also going to be my roommate next year! Can't wait!) about how I miss her and can't wait for school to start! I didn't know how much it would cost to send it though, so I took it to the post office with a birthday package for one of my other friends and a letter to England for my pen pal. I guess the postcard just took a normal stamp, so I felt like kind of an idiot, but hey it was my first time! Anyways, I ended up sending it yesterday and can't wait until she gets it! I didn't tell her I sent it, so I'm hoping it's a nice surprise! 

I chose the cutest one I found, which was this adorable Polar Bear playing in the snow! Ahhh, the perks of working at the zoo :) And that's another thing knocked off my to-do list! This summer is proving to be very successful and I'm excited to send even more postcards! Maybe I'll send some to my friends when I go on vacation to Myrtle Beach later this summer. Can't wait :)

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