Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In My Bag [June 2014]

I recently got this adorable bag from JcPenny's and I have been absolutely obsessed with it! I had seen this bag in the store and instantly fell in love, but I didn't buy it right away because I had convinced myself that I didn't need another purse. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it and would bring it up pretty much any time I was talking about purses or shopping with my sister. Luckily, the next week my mom wanted to do some shopping and we found ourselves in JcPenny's (like always) and my mom decided to treat me to the purse! Needless to say, I was super excited and love every chance I get to use this bag. 

For a small bag, this one holds quite a few of my goodies! Haha, a must for me is that my purse holds a book, and I'm happy to report that this bag does just that. And I love the mixture of patterns with the polka dot lining and the striped sides. Who wouldn't love this purse?

In whatever purse I'm carrying, I normally have my essentials: my wallet, gum, and a book. I love Vera Bradley's zip around wallet and I'm so happy that it fits perfectly in my new purse. It's a little bit smaller than the length of a book, so my wallet and book are able to fit snuggly together. I also always make sure to have some notebooks/paper and pens. Oh, and let's not forget my EOS lip balm! Out of the six flavors I own, the blueberry is definitely one of my favorite. Not only is the blue color adorable, but I love the blueberry scent.

With such a small purse, I end up fitting quite a lot inside. I have everything I need for a trip to the mall or running errands with my sister. The fact that my bag can fit a book comfortably is a huge plus and a main reason why I have been using it all of the time. I hope you guys enjoyed a peek inside of my bag! It'll definitely look like this for awhile because I have a feeling that my love for this bag is going to last a very long time...

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