Friday, June 20, 2014

The Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Wow, what a movie. My dad has been wanting to see this movie ever since we saw the trailer for it. We finally had the chance to go see it two weeks ago and it was amazing. Seriously. My family loves any kind of action movie, so it's no surprise that my dad, sister, and I all loved Tom Cruise's newest film. 

With the biggest battle in the war against the aliens taking over Earth fast approaching, Officer Cage finds himself forced onto the front lines. As a man who would rather work the politics and not partake in the action, Cage will do anything to get out of the battle. But when he storms the beach of France with the other soldiers, there's no chance of survival. The moment he dies, though, Cage finds himself in a time loop where he wakes up at the same moment every time he dies. As he relives the day, Cage's skills as a fighter grow and when he teams up with the greatest warrior of the battle, there may be hope of defeating the enemy after all. 

Like I said, what a movie. Going in, I was really worried about the whole time loop aspect of this film. Would I get tired of Tom Cruise living the same day over and over again? When it happened in Groundhog Day, I was so ready for the movie to end because it became redundant and boring. This movie was definitely not boring! There was the perfect amount of repetition in the day that was lived over and over again, so that you got to see the new stuff and only sometimes watched the exact same events happen. I also think that the action helped too. As a movie about a war with aliens, there is definitely never a dull moment. All of the humans get to wear these intense robot-like uniforms to help them try to defeat these super quick, killer aliens. The gadgets were cool and the action intense.  

The references this movie made were so well done and really made the movie. The battle that Tom Cruise is going in alludes to D-Day when the US stormed the beaches of Normandy. It was clear they were going to have to sacrifice a lot of lives before they made it to shore in order to even hope to defeat the aliens. And while it had the same sort of idea as Groundhog Day with the repeating of the day aspect, Edge of Tomorrow really executed the repetition well. Also, I loved Emily Blunt's kick-butt character. She really was a warrior, which also made her a very closed-off, hard-headed person. Her relationship with Tom Cruise was very interesting and I really enjoyed how Cruise's character grew and built up to her level of skill and determination. 

Overall, this was a phenomenal movie that kept my attention for every single minute. Action packed, but also full of character development and intensity, Edge of Tomorrow is a movie every sci-fi/action fan has to see!

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