Tuesday, June 10, 2014

GoVoxBox 2014

Another VoxBox for me! I was so excited when I was chosen for the #GoVoxBox because I definitely consider myself an athlete. All of the items in this seemed perfect for me and I couldn't wait to try them out! Here's what I got…

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme ($9.99)
I don't know if you guys know this, but I have quite the obsession with lotion. So when this huge bottle came in my VoxBox, I was super excited. The bottle was really cute (who doesn't love purple?), but best of all, it smelled great! I'm a fan of Lavender, so I definitely loved this item!

Playtex Sports Fresh Rebalance ($3.99-4.99)
These were in my last VoxBox and Playtex are the only tampons I will use, so you could say I loved getting another box as part of this VoxBox! Normally I don't get scented tampons because the smell is too flowery and overpowering, but these actually had a nice smell that was just subtle enough to make me feel fresh and protected. And the fact that they are the Sport Playtex is definitely a plus! I love to use them for running and wouldn't use any other brand.

Blue Diamond Almonds 
I absolutely hate nuts, so I could not bring myself to try these almonds. However, my sister and family love nuts and were super excited for the chance to test these out for me. And you know what? They thought they were great! They even bought the Raspberry and Strawberry flavors of the Blue Diamond almonds from the store and thought they were great as well. So if you're an almond lover who wants to change things up, you should check out the new flavors that Blue Diamond Almonds has come out with!

Next Step Shaker Cup ($7.99)
This cup is so cool. Normally, my family and I use the regular cups with the little springy ball inside to make any mixed drinks/shakes. I love the idea that this shaker cup has a spiky purple piece to mix up the drink. And let's not forget it's purple! I love how fun and unique this cup is. I tried out the smoothie mix in it and the shaker actually worked pretty well! I'm definitely using my new shaker cup from now on!

PROFOOT Pedi-Rock ($8.99)
I can't get pedicures because I have ridiculously ticklish feet when it comes to people scrubbing anything on them. So while I love the idea of this pedi-rock, my feet were just not feeling it. Haha, I tried! But the feeling was way too funny and I just couldn't keep on tickling my own feet!

Next Step Protein Shakes ($1.47/serving)
Let me start by saying, I am not a protein shake person, so I was a bit wary of trying out this product. I thought that the chocolate flavor would be my best bet, but I was definitely wrong. I took a sip and was reminded why I never drink protein shakes. This one was a miss for me, but I figure it would be going in.

PROFOOT Triad Orthotic ($10.49)
For this one, I didn't really have a use for the inserts. I wear Brooks running shoes and they are my absolute favorite thing I own. Seriously, the first thing I make sure to pack when I go on a trip anywhere are my running shoes. Since they work just fine the way they are, I don't need to add any support to them. So I have no say on this one!

Overall, this has definitely been one of my favorite boxes to date. I loved the athletic theme and a majority of the products were right up my alley. I'll definitely be using the tampons and the shaker cup in the future!

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