Monday, March 17, 2014

[Instagram] Home Sweet Home

This weekend, I went a bit Instagram crazy. That's just what happens when I go home! I get to do a ton of fun things and want to take pictures of all of them! These aren't even all of the pictures I took over the past three days. I know, I have a serious addiction to Instagram, but I'm not even ashamed of it! I just have to document all of the good moments in life :)

-My puppy is getting old and her joints were really hurting her this weekend. She can't jump up onto the couch by herself, but once you get her up there she'll cuddle for hours. What a cutie!
-I finally got my Shamrock Shake after visiting TWO McDonald's with a broken shake machine.
-I found Skittle and Starburst scented candles for only $1 at JoAnn's. Of course I just had to get them!
-Speaking of candy…my sister and I tried some Sweetart Jelly Beans and they're so good. Seriously, I may be addicted.
-Being home means finally having a Cane's within a reasonable driving vicinity. With one 5 minutes from my house, I picked some up for the family for lunch on Saturday after having two interviews over the past two days with possible summer camp councelor jobs. Fingers crossed for those!
-Half Price Books had a 50% off your highest priced item coupon, so I got a huuggeeeee baking book from Bon Appetit for only $5! With Spring Break coming up, I can't wait to try out all of those recipes.
-You know how I mentioned an obsession with Jelly Beans? Well, my mother loves to feed my obsessions and got me a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans to take back to school. They may or may not already be half gone…

I've been back at school for about 4 hours and just looking at these pictures makes me already miss home…good thing Spring Break starts on Thursday for me! Only four days of classes until I get to make the two hour drive back home for an entire week to spend with my puppy, sister, and parents. And maybe a bag (or ten) of jelly beans….

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