Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Goals

It's March! I feel like the first two months of 2014 absolutely flew by and I have no idea where they went. As long as that means the cold weather is finally leaving, I'm perfectly fine with that! Today, it was around 30 degrees when I went on my run at 7am, and I know that's the warmest it's going to be over the next couple of days. Can you believe it's supposed to be in the single digits for the next 3-4 days? Again? Well, I'm just hoping that once this week is over, some warm weather will be rolling in.

With a new month, as always, comes new goals to work on. I love making lists, and goal lists are probably one of my favorites. There are so many possibilities and accomplishing a goal I set for myself is always a great feeling. I've got some fun ones set up for March!

Run everyday I know, I have a problem. How can running be so fun? I used to hate running in high school, but now it's the best part of my morning. I'm hoping to run every single day, whether it's outside or at the rec. That includes my long runs for my half marathon training. I think I get up to 11 miles by the end of the month. How crazy is that?

Watch at least 3 Bond movies Over the summer, I made it a goal to watch every single James Bond movie. I failed miserably and only managed to watch about 4. Since then, I've watched a couple more, but I still have a lot to go. Hopefully I can make a dent in that list this month and get lost in the world of the notorious Bond. James Bond.

Read 14 books This one should be no problem. My goal is to read over 170 books this year, and I'm right on track so far. I'm determined to reach this goal, and maybe even exceed it by the time December rolls around.

Write more letters I made it a New Years' Resolution to write more letters, but so far I've only written about four since January. I bought a ton of fun stationary from Target in the dollar section, so I have a ton of blank cards that are begging to be written on. If you guys want, I'd love to write to any of you! Just email me your address if you want some snail mail :)

Watch more movies Again, this is something I try to work on every month. As a film studies minor, I'm exposed to so many movies I never would have watched otherwise, and I love it. I'm trying to expand my film knowledge by spending some quality time with Netflix, and I hope I can catch some more films I've been meaning to watch during March.

Finish knitting projects There are so many projects I've started and just haven't gotten around to finishing. Not to mention I have tons of yarn that I've bought with a project in mind, but haven't even had the chance to begin them. Hopefully, while I'm catching up on my movie-watching, I'll be able to get some more projects done this month.

Cook more healthy meals Over winter break, I was making dinner with my parents almost every single night from their American Heart Association One Pot Cookbook. I had so much fun and loved the meals we made. Since being back at school, though, I barely cook meals like that because there's only me to feed, not a family of four. I'm going to be on the lookout for healthy recipes for one that I can try out. I'd love to become a better cook, and practicing is definitely key in sharpening my culinary skills.

Read books I already own I have a serious book-buying problem, so I have hundreds of books that I haven't read yet. And I'm not exaggerating. I have some that I've been dying to read, but always put off for more recent releases. I really need to buckle down and finally read through books that have been on my TBR list (and collecting dust on my shelves).

And those are my goals for March! Do you guys have anything fun planned for the month ahead? If you do, good luck and hopefully March is a happy, productive, and warm month!

p.s. How cute is this Yoda notebook? My sister and I had gotten our best friend the Darth Vader version of this notebooks for $1 at Target (best. store. ever.) for Christmas. Little did we know, she got my sister the Storm Trooper version and me the Yoda version! Haha, I guess there's a reason we're all best friends...

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