Monday, March 24, 2014

[Instagram] Sweet Spring Break

Happy Spring Break everyone! The beginning of my Spring Break was pretty darn good. I never have big plans for break except for to hang out with my family and spend some time catching up on movies and reading. My sister and I saw Divergent on Saturday and I'm still obsessing over how awesome it was. That was definitely a great way to start out my break. We're planning on going to a couple more movies this week and I have a huge pile of books I'm hoping to get through. I recorded some of the highlights of me weekend on Instagram (as usual…). 

-I made these to die for butterscotch pudding cookies with butterscotch chips. They turned out to have the perfect crunchy outside with a soft, pillowy inside. Mmmm time to grab another one…
-Vera Bradley was having a sale with 60% some of their colors, so my sister and I both got a large laptop tote. I, of course, had to go with the pink pattern :)
-To celebrate my 10 mile run Saturday morning, my sister and I grabbed some Krispy Kreme before seeing Divergent. The maple iced creme filled donut was so good. Oh, and the store was packed with little kids! I guess Krispy Kreme is the place to go on a Saturday morning. 
-We've been letting Rosie up on the couch and she has become quite the cuddler. She'll get up on the couch and scoot over until she's basically in my lap, then plop down on it, even if I have my computer or book with me. What a cutie. 
-We got some Sweetart jelly beans…again. And finished them in two days…
-My gold card came from Starbucks! Woo hoo! I can't wait to start using it. 
-We also got Fruit Loops with marshmallows from the store. Marshmallows are definitely a great way to start out a day. 
-We also stopped for ice cream at Handel's yesterday after we went shopping with our mom. Banana Cream Pie is delicious! 
-More cuddle time for my puppy…but with my sister this time! We definitely fight over whose turn it is to cuddle with the puppy. 

Literally not even 10 minutes ago Rosie was sprawled out across my stomach, snoring away while I was watching TV with my dad. I was literally sitting cross legged on the couch blogging with my computer in my lap when she decided to nudge her way in. I had to put my computer down and give into her cuteness. Haha, when she wants to cuddle, she'll cuddle. I see a lot more quality time being spent with that little girl for the rest of my break...

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