Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Movie Ticket Keepsake

I have a slight obsession with going to the movies. I love the feeling of getting a ticket and going to a theater to see a movie on the big screen. Since I love them so much, I have been saving my tickets for years. First, I would put them up around my mirror, but when that got full I simply kept them in a pocket in my purse. I've collected quite a few tickets since then!

I was reading the book Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone and one of the main characters is obsessed with going to concerts. Since he can time travel, he loves traveling to different concerts throughout time. In the book, he collected all of his tickets and kept them in a big bowl in his room. I absolutely loved that idea! So, my sister and I went to Hobby Lobby and got super adorable bowls for only $1.27. I love the ridged edge and think that it's the perfect size to collect my movie tickets in.

I am so obsessed with how pretty my movie ticket bowl is. I have my movie tickets from some of my most favorite and memorable films: the various Twilight films, Harry Potter, About Time, Transformers, Romeo and Juliet, Star Trek, The Avengers, Fame, and much, much more. With all of the movie tickets I have, it looks like I barely made a dent in my bowl! I can't wait to continue filling it up over the years. So many memories of my absolute favorite thing: Going to the movies.

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