Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cheetahlicious Wishlist

Okay, so I just realized that every single one of these products is considered Leopard print, but I'm going to call them cheetah because "cheetalicious" sounds so much better that "leopardlicious." And who can really tell the different anyways, right? Lately, though, I have been obsessed with animal print and didn't really realize how much of it I had until I went shopping last weekend. I bought a pair of silver animal print Keds and silver animal print pj pants. Not to mention any time I get free underwear coupons from Victoria's Secret, I always end up getting a cheetah print pair. Coincidence? No, I'm just obsessed with animal print! 

You know what else I'm obsessed with? Forever 21. And every single item listed above is from Forever 21. Seriously, it's like a match made in heaven! Not to mention that all of these are affordable and oh so tempting for me to just give in and buy. Especially the cross body bag. It's only $22! No wonder I always end up buying things from Forever 21 whenever they're having a huge sale. Their prices are just impossible to beat with such cute merchandise. Do you guys have any prints that you absolutely love and can't help but buy? 

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