Monday, October 6, 2014

What I Wore: Stealing From My Sister

Dress- Delia's | Sweater- Forever21 | Flats- Delia's | Watch- Macy's

One of the best parts about having a sister is that I essentially have two complete wardrobes. While we may not look anything alike and are different heights, my sister and I are the same size, both in clothes and in shoes. My sister wore this dress for our birthday and wasn't planning on wearing it anytime soon, so she let me take it to school with me. Who am I to say no to more dresses? The hard part about sharing clothes, though, is that I start to forget who owns what. I wore a dress the other day that I could have sworn was mine, but my sister told me it was her's but she's never actually worn it because I took it. Haha, guess I should give it back to her sometime, shouldn't I? 

Did I mention that the sweater is also my sister's? She's owned it for over a year but rarely wore it because she said it was too scratchy, so I finally begged her to let me have it for the semester. I've already worn it at least three times and it's easily become one of my favorite sweaters to wear with dresses. The color is gorgeous and I love how it looks with a dress. Hopefully she'll forget all about it and I can keep it forever. I mean, what are sisters for? 

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