Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Things Making Me Happy

How is it already October 20th? That means that it's already halfway through October and November is that much closer. The weather is getting colder and my classes are already halfway over! It seems like every weekend just flies by and I'm back in classes…but here's what made me happy this past weekend!

1. Spending the weekend at home. I spent Friday shopping with my sister and mom. Then, I spent all day with my mom, sister, and dad seeing Gone Girl and then having Olive Garden's never ending pasta bowl for lunch. It was a great weekend!

2. Getting new running shoes. I went to an actual running store and spent an hour with an employee analyzing my feet. I tried on 5 pairs of shoes and ran in all of them until I picked out the perfect pair. They're a gorgeous blue color and feel so good! Now, I'm always super excited every time I get to run in my new shoes.

3. Signing up for a 5k. I'm running the Run Like Hell 5k this Friday where everyone wears costumes to run in. I'm dressing up as an 80s fitness girl (think Olivia Newton-Jon in Let's Get Physical). I can't wait to run the race!

4. Catching up on all of my shows. It seems like all of the new shows I watch are all on Thursday nights, which is so annoying because that means I have them all to watch at once. When I was home, my sister and I were able to watch the newest episodes of How to Get Away with Murder, Stalker, and A to Z together and I'm all caught up!

5. Seeing the preview for Fifty Shades of Grey during Gone Girl. Oh, that movie. I don't know if I'll like it or not but the preview was definitely entertaining and I'm totally seeing the movie when it's released on Valentine's Day.

6. Finding movies on sale for only $2. At Kroger, I got What to Expect When You're Expecting for only $2, along with a Girl's Rule Movie Marathon collection of 5 movies that include The Perfect Man and Josie and the Pussycats. For only $2. Yay for more movies!

7. Cuddling with my puppy. Whenever I go home, I have to spend a good amount of time smothering Rosie in kisses and hugs. I know she's so tired of my by the end of the weekend, but I have to get my puppy time in before I leave her again!

8. Downloading Nick Jonas's new song. I still listen to Jonas Brothers every time I run (which is everyday), and I was shocked to see that Nick Jonas not only had a new song, but that it was in the top 10 on iTunes. I listened to it and thought it was awesome, so I bought it and can't get it out of my head.

9. TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW ALBUM COMES OUT IN SEVEN DAYS. I used to really not like Taylor Swift because she claimed to be country, but won all of the awards for pretty much every genre. Um, not cool. Now that this new album is officially pop and Shake If Off is one of the best songs ever, I can't wait to see what other songs she's come up with!

10. Ordering the new iPhone 6. I will have the new beautiful iPhone 6 in my hands in exactly 5 days! I already have a pretty blue and pink case that will look adorable on my new phone. I can't wait to finally have a new phone for the first time in four years!

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