Thursday, October 2, 2014

What I Wore: You Go to Yale?

Sweatshirt- Forever21 | Jeans- Gap | Keds- Macy's | Bag- Amazon

Pshhhh, no I don't go to Yale. I'm definitely no Rory Gilmore and I like my own University just fine, thank you very much. I just saw this sweatshirt online at Forever 21 and could not get over how comfortable it looked. And you know what? It is really comfortable! Sometimes, I just feel like throwing a sweatshirt on when it's cold outside, so that's exactly what I did on Tuesday. Especially since it was around 50 degrees when I left my apartment for class and ended up being 70 degrees when I got out. I'm so fed up with this bipolar weather that changes 20 degrees in two hours. Just be Fall already! Please? 

My Great Gatsby bag has definitely become my go-to tote bag while at school. It reflects my personality (book worm, right here) and is actually a thick material that can hold quite a bit of stuff. I love taking it to knitting or my movie viewing on Wednesday nights for my Film Studies class. Plus, a little Gatsby in your life can never hurt ;)

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