Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend Plans [10/10-10/12]

Happy weekend, everyone! I don't know about you, but I have some big plans to catch up on a lot of things on my to-do list this weekend. There just seems to be no time to relax during the week with all of my classes, homework, and extracurricular meetings. I could definitely use some quiet time to make a dent in my long to-do list...

Attend Books by the Banks
I am beyond excited to attend Books by the Banks this year, which is a huge event where tons of authors of many genres come to meet readers and promote their books. This year, the big author coming is Emily Giffin, author of Something Borrowed. I am in love with her writing and could not be more thrilled for the chance to meet her. Some of my other favorite YA authors will be at the convention too, so it's definitely going to be an exciting day.

Read more books
I have so many books I have to read for review, so I'm definitely taking any down time I have to catch up on that looming stack that seems to grow bigger and bigger every day…

Crochet baby blankets
My cousin is expecting twins (yay!) and her baby shower is the second weekend of November. I want to maker her a baby blanket for each baby, so I definitely have to get working on that project if I hope to have it done in time for the shower.

Say goodbye to my adorable iPhone 4 cases
By this time next week I should have the new iPhone 6 in my hands, which means all of my adorable iPhone 4 cases will be of no use to me anymore. While I'm excited to have my first upgrade in four years, I am so sad because I have collected some super cute phone cases, so I'm trying to use them all before I have to say goodbye!

Drink hot chocolate
Since the weather feels deliciously like fall, there's no better way to stay warm than by drinking some hot chocolate with peppermint creamer! Yummmm.

Binge watch The Vampire Diaries 
I own seasons one and two of The Vampire Diaries and haven't watched that show in forever. I saw a lot of hype online about season six starting up on tv, so I decided to start the series over and try to catch up to the current season. I'm on the last disc of season one and hope to make some leeway into season two before the weekend is over!

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