Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 Things Making Me Happy

It's been over a week since I spent the weekend at home and it already feels like forever ago. I'm already dying to have my puppy in my arms as she squirms to get away. I know she secretly loves my hugs! My next weekend home will be here before I know it, though, because the weekdays just seem to fly by as they fill up with classes, homework, club meetings, and running. Before I know it, it'll be Christmas! How exciting is that? On that note, here's what else has been making me happy this week…

1. Baking for book club. I tried out these 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies and they turned out delicious!

2. Looking for a new phone case. My parents officially ordered my new iPhone 6 and it should be coming in within the next couple of weeks. My sister and I, of course, scrambled to find the perfect phone case and it took us days to decide exactly what we wanted. I ended up going with this one and hope it was the right choice!  

3. Finishing up Jane Eyre. I read the last 200 pages in one day (my busiest day of the week, at that) and it's definitely one of my new favorite books I've ever read. 

4. Finding new movies to fall in love with. I watched An Affair to Remember and fell in love with the story. Now I understand why so many other movies and shows reference it! 

5. Finally making some hot cocoa before going to bed. I picked up some hot chocolate packets and peppermint mocha creamer from the grocery store and made the most delicious cup of hot cocoa the other day. I definitely see much more hot chocolate in my future. 

6. Running with the president of the University. On Friday, about thirty members of the running club showed up at our president's house at 6am to go on their annual run with him. We only went about 2 miles, but it was fun personally meeting the president and getting to run around campus with him. 

7. Vacuuming the apartment. I don't know why, but I always find vacuuming so soothing and love how clean my apartment looks after a good run through.  

8. Eating pumpkin ice cream. Kroger finally had the 1/2 fat Edy's pumpkin ice cream and I am literally in heaven. I almost bought two 1/2 gallons just so that I could make it through the week without running out…

9. Painting my nails for fall. I have this pretty light brownish/purple polish that has bronze flecks in it that I got from Ulta and I am so obsessed with it right now. And it lasts for days without getting chipped!

10. Wearing new clothes for the first time. I got my package from Forever21 while I was home last weekend and wore my new clothes both Monday and Tuesday. They were fabulous!

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