Monday, August 18, 2014

Apartment Wishlist

As Friday quickly approaches, I have been mapping out exactly how I want my new apartment to look like, which I am sharing with the three friends I lived with last year. This weeks marks my last official week of summer before I head back to school to move all of my stuff for my senior year of college! When I moved my furniture from my old apartment to my new apartment a couple of months ago, the carpets were still damp from cleaning the morning our landlord told us we had to move. Damp carpets mean absolutely no furniture in the room to avoid mold and water damage to my furniture. That means that my things have been sitting in a pile outside of my brand new room (that just so happens to be turquoise) for the past couple of months since I've been home all summer. You could say I am excited to finally move my things into my room and make it my own.

I have found, after living in my very first apartment last year with my three friends, that the kitchen and my bedroom are by far the most important rooms for me to decorate. I love finding new mugs and bakeware for the kitchen. They always have to be full of color to reflect the happiness I feel whenever I'm in the kitchen, baking up a new recipe. Oh, and cute animals don't hurt either!

As for my bedroom, I have quite the obsession with throws. I've been dying to have a Disney throw and still have yet to obtain one. The only problem is, though, that I have no idea which one I would want! Frozen? The Little Mermaid? Beauty and the Beast? Oh, the choices. I also love having fun lamps and wall decorations. The amount of posters I own is ridiculous and I always want more. What can I say? I love my decorating!

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