Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Baking Wishlist

Last night, my mom and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to make for dessert after our big Easter lunch and I ended up looking on the internet for hours. Who knew there was so many easter desserts out there? Anyways, we found so many adorable ones from Betty Crocker's Classic Easter Desserts. I have to say that the Bunny Butt Cake is my absolute favorite. We were going to make that, but with all of us kids going back to school Sunday night, my mom and dad would have been left with like half a cake for just the two of them. So instead, we settled on our classic Healthified Strawberry Pie. It's not a fun Easter dessert, but it's still yummy. 

Cupcakes are so much fun, and I love the variety there are on Betty Crocker's website. You can make bunnies, easter baskets, chicks, and even carrots in dirt. Holidays are the best time for baking because there is so much room for creativity and just plain old fun! Do you guys do any fun baking on Easter? I'd love to hear the recipes you use!

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