Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kitchen Krazy: Pink Vanilla Macarons

I am beyond excited to share today's post with you. I made macarons! And I am honestly in love now. I was so nervous making these because I've heard they're super hard to make, but they weren't that bad at all. And they turned out so delicious. Now, I can't wait to make as many combinations as I can!

Before I made these, I spent a long time online searching for the best method to make my macarons. There are so many different techniques and recipes, but I finally settle for the recipe from They had great instructions, but the only problem was that there were no pictures! I was so nervous that mine would be a disaster, so I found a great picture tutorial from and it helped me so much. I added a little pink food coloring to make my macarons pink as well, which is different from what the recipe said. I think the pink makes them look absolutely perfect!

As for the filling, I wanted a simple vanilla buttercream in case the shells didn't turn out usable. So I googled recipes and found a great, simple one from Baking Bites and it turned out absolutely delicious! The filling literally took 2 minutes to make, so that was definitely the easiest part of this whole venture. 

I just love looking at them. But I have to say I love eating them even more! Haha, I was a little scared on how just a plain vanilla macaron would taste, but they're awesome. A bunch of my shells ended up coming out cracked, but I know what I did wrong based on a really helpful post about macarons. Apparently, since they were the ones on the bottom rack of the oven for the first half of baking, they were too close to the heat. Next time, I'll have to stack to cookie sheets on top of each other to prevent them from baking too fast and cracking. I also didn't leave them in long enough, so they were a bit hard to take off of the parchment paper. But all that means is I'm so prepared to make them again! Hopefully I can make these chocolate banana macarons I was eyeing earlier this week. Don't they sound delicious? 

I'm so happy I finally tried my hand at the art of macarons. They're gorgeous and delicious, so what more could you ask for? 

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  1. Great job! I've made them a couple of times and I really learn through practice. I find that I can only do one rack at a time and near the end they want to crack because it gets too hot. I really like the idea of the chocolate banana ones. Those sound great!!


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