Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Favorites

Wow, this week back at school could not be any longer! It seems like since we got a week off, the professors want to give us work to make up for it. Not fun! But I do have a fun weekend planned full of Quidditch and reading! I'm heading up to Michigan for a Quidditch tournament at 5 am tomorrow. While I'm really excited, I'm hoping it's not super cold!

1) These flower nails make me want spring so badly! Aren't they pretty? 

2) These fruit necklaces are so cute! Some of them look so real!

3) I would love to try out this heart makeover on one of my own pants. It turned out to be so cute!

4) Button cookies! How fun would these be to make? 

5) These ice cream cone cupcakes look so cool. Who would have thought of that? 

6) These Beauty and the Beast glasses are just too precious. 

7) My mantra for when life gets stressful. 

8) I absolutely adore that turtle earring. It reminds me so much of summer. 

9) Audrey will forever be my hero. 

10) Look at how awesome these Harry Potter cupcakes are! Those decorations have got to take some serious skill to accomplish. 

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