Friday, March 22, 2013

Quidditch tournaments and pink yarn

Wow, it's getting some used to being back at school, so I couldn't be happier that it's the weekend. And I've got a busy one ahead of me! Here's what I've got planned...

-Quidditch Tournament That's right! I'm heading up to Michigan for a Quidditch tournament tomorrow and I'm so excited! It's not supposed to snow, so that's a plus. Hopefully it's not too cold though. 

-Study Jane Austen I'm doing a huge project on Jane Austen for one of my English classes, so I have to read some autobiographies on her for research. I'm really excited to learn more about the life of one of my favorite authors. 

-Read I've still got a huge stack of books I have to read, and the one I'm starting now looks really good. 

-Knit I'm trying to use up some more yarn from the club that I've used for other projects, so I decided to start on a headband with this pink yarn. Hopefully it turns out cute!

-Paint nails My nails look so gross right now because I haven't painted them in over a week. I think some spring colors are definitely perfect for my mood right now. Maybe they'll help the spring weather move into Ohio...

That's all that's going on with me! It's quite a busy weekend, but I am look forward to it. I really hope the team does well at our tournament. I love being able to spend the weekend with the team and bond, so it should be fun. What do you guys have planned this weekend? Anything fun? 

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