Saturday, March 2, 2013

English Papers and New Knitting Projects

Oh how I love the weekends. I had an absolutely lovely time yesterday baking chocolate chip cookies and watching Bridget Jones' Diary with my friends. My team ended up losing to OSU at the hockey game last night, which bummed me out, but I still had a ton of fun hanging out with friends and watching the game. And I still have two full days of the weekend ahead of me! Here's what I hope to do...

-Read I got this book in the mail about a girl living in the early 1920s, which is a time period that I'm so in love with thanks to Downton Abbey. It's really good so far and I can't wait to see where it goes. 
-Plan With spring break next week and London quickly approaching, I have so many things to plan! Where does the time go?
-Watch movies For my book club, we had to read the first half of Pride and Prejudice and I am absolutely in love with it! Now, all I want to do is watch the movie over and over again. 
-Write With midterms coming up, that means I've got some big papers to write! The one I'm working on now is all about the battle of the sexes in the novel Fantomina. It's actually a lot of fun to write, so hopefully it turns out okay. 
-Knit I FINALLY finished the cowl I've been working on for the past three weeks, so now I get to start a new project! I'm really in love with this Lion Brand yarn I had bought over winter break. I can't wait to find a cute pattern to try it out on. 

That's my weekend in a nutshell! Hopefully I can get as much done as I have planned. Do you guys have anything fun going on? 


  1. I love that movie version of Pride & Prejudice. It's so perfect. x

  2. The homespun yarn is really great for scarves.


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