Monday, December 3, 2012

Craft Corner: Harry Potter House Scarf

Since I am co-programming chair for the Quidditch team, I decided to organize a Christmas Party where we would watch Christmas movies and eat delicious Christmas cookies with our lovely teammates. Well, what's a Christmas party without a little Secret Santa??? So, of course, I made that a necessity. And I knew the perfect gift for my secret santa person: a handmade Harry Potter house scarf. I went on Ravelry and found the perfect Harry Potter scarf pattern. So when I went home for Thankgsiving Break, I went to JoAnns on black friday and got yarn to make this scarf. JoAnns on black friday is a knitters dream because it only cost me $4 to make this scarf! And look how awesome it turned out! 

I didn't know what house the person I made this for was in, but knowing him I guessed that he was a Slytherin. Right after I finished this scarf, the team was talking on our Facebook page about what houses we were in, and he piped in saying he was a Ravenclaw. WHAT!?!? I was so positive he was a Slytherin, so my heart just dropped when I saw that. With the gift (I also got him candy and a Harry Potter game), I included a note apologizing for getting the wrong house. He seemed ecstatic to have the scarf and said the house really didn't matter. Well, a couple of days later, he writes on the Facebook page saying he joined Pottermore and was sorted into.......SLYTHERIN!!!! And that I was actually right after all :) haha, so it all completely worked out in the end! Seems like I have a real talent for sorting people into their Hogwarts houses :) 

Overall, I'm completely obsessed with how this scarf turned out and I'm kind of sad I had to give it away! It was super easy and I love how the tassels on the end look! Now, all I want to do is go out and make myself a Hufflepuff one and then make all of my friends one. I mean, Harry Potter is awesome, so who wouldn't want their own house scarf?? I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner! This will definitely be a project I'm going to take on once all of my Christmas gifts are finally made. And I absolutely can't wait! I think this year I will definitely have a Happy Harry Potter Christmas :)

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