Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five Baker Facts About Me

It's no secret that I absolutely love baking. And in the past week, I have been baking non stop for Christmas with the family and other relatives. With all of the baking I've been doing, I've realized a lot of little quirks about myself as a baker that I hadn't really noticed before. Here are five fun facts you may not have known about me and my baking habits. 

1) I have to lick the bowl. No matter what I make (though it is usually something with chocolate), I have to scrape every last remnant of the batter from the sides of the bowl and eat it all up. Sometimes, I'll even sacrifice a baked cookie or two in order to eat more cookie dough myself :)

2) I am a VERY messy baker. I almost always spill something on myself, so I've found the key to staying semi-clean is by wearing an apron (like the Cookin' Claus one above). And it seems no matter how hard I try, flour ends up getting everywhere. 

3) I am a very controlling baker. I've found that I actually prefer to bake alone because people just get in my way and when they ask to do something, they either take so long that I'm waiting on them or are bothering me when I'm working on another part of the recipe. Needless to say, a lot of the baking I've been doing has been a solo act. 

4) Pinterest is my best friend. I can spend hours on Pinterest and triple my baking board. I have over 700 pins on there and that doesn't even include the 229 pins on my cupcake board or the 93 pins on my healthy desserts board. I get a ton of ideas for baking from Pinterest and I honestly don't know what I'd do without it! 

5) I bake whenever and wherever. Whenever I'm in the mood to bake, I'll bake. A Friday morning when my best friend comes over after being separated for two months? Why yes I'd love to bake some chocolate cookies! A Saturday afternoon in my dorm basement? Why yes I'd love to bake some owl cupcakes! When I'm in the mood to bake, nothing can stop me from finding an oven, a cookie tray, and the ingredients to making some delicious baked goods. 

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  1. I am such a messy baker too! I get flour all over the kitchen, and myself! I hear all the best bakers are though ;)


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